February 14, 2014 Common Thread Collective Poetic Conscious’stream Is. 13

We have such trouble with separation of church and state

When I listen to the news these days

I’m crying out for a separation of state and science!


Their war on science is a well-planned campaign of ignorance that is being imposed on the American public.

How can these poli-trick-cians waste their breathe and our money

While our future is divided between drying up, icing over, and eroding away

In the floods of our developed apathy

Get ready, we are entering the era to be known as:

The Age of Emergency


In a State of Emergency, We must find in ourselves the gateway to healing…

Cali’s facing the worst drought in 5 centuries,

Philly hasn’t had a winter like this since 1884

How many 100s of 1000s of people have had ice storms cut their power

From North to South

Storms, lack thereof, and environmental disasters have been terrorizing the nation

And some California big mouth gonna claim

The people are thirsty because the Act to protect endangered species is to blame

For allocating water to be left in the river for the trout

Like water is for man alone

Who would not be clinging to the concrete construction of tyrannical hurt

If it wasn’t for the fish that sustained the progressions of the people

That fish fertilized the forest from the very first

That lived its life and blessed the future with its decay

So take the river fully from the fish, grow the fish on a factory farm

Feeding them on the industrial wasteland while we waste away

On the genetically violated,

Chemically-enhanced and immune-deficiency created ways

Of the corporate regime that abides by theoretic fallacies

That pay to influence legislated policies

That are driving us faster and faster into a deep State of Emergency

Forcing governments to appease suffering people that have long been forced into

Sedentary ignorance of our original abilities to abide times such as these

When we would move with the seasons

Or have more freedom to resettle in a new place

Now we spend money to rebuild the only places we have left

In the same ways that crumbled away like the storm will never come back

Like the waters we contaminate will be cleansed with industrial treatment

Like water has a strictly human relationship

And humanity can solely control it

But when did the godless decide man was omnipotent

For only the decimation of caring collaborative, cooperative and creative spirit

Could foster these rumors, feuds and violent nonsense

That keeps us from coming together to build imperfect perfection

From finding in each other the innate gifts and honed skills

That only the opportunity guided by great need could call up to surface

The incredible presence we have to bring.

May the tides continue rising

May we begin to listen,

To hear beyond the shells of our calcified comfort zones and insecure bomb shelters

Of our historic canons pompous misdirecting

To find the talents of our ancestors are just beneath the surface

Still pulsing like rivers full of fish that fed their bodies or spiritual dreaming,

Fed the bears and birds and forest full of diversity

That made a living tapestry adding rich embroidery to our personal stories

May the tides continue to activate the conscious seeking the love of creation

Until there are billions of spirits

All together rising

Up up up

With the spirit of a dance

That knows only our need

Is to be freed from the violence of this devastating inconvenience

That has been driving our psychological reflection

Of brutal terrorization

May billions Rise and pull more heartstrings into this harmonic recapitulation

May we be called out of this tragic apathetic trance

May we be moved to Dance Dance Dance

Dance and end the violence!

The violence done to sisters, Mother, daughters,

The violence that denies the gifts of the feminine divinely contained in everything

The violence echoing retribution throughout ages

Where generations have come and gone, all war-torn without relief

Believing masculinity could be found in such acts of brutality

The violent reaction of anger born of the fear of being rejected and misunderstood

Has rippled out to form homogenized societies that cannot bear the burden of the

Miraculous and unique, the transformational spirits that rattle us out of stagnant routine

To remind us that life itself is the purpose of living

Our personal progression is the greatest journey worth discovering

And this earthly diversity, both cultural and biological

Add flavor, flare, color, and mystery to a plot-line that would otherwise be unbearably boring.

May we dance together, far and wide

Far from yet still a part, participating, in something greater than self.

Our undulations are a cosmic heart pumping life into the river of love.

And that dance can bring a rain to wash away all this heavy sludge,

But we have to be willing to budge

When it comes.


February 7, 2014 Common Thread Collective Poetic Conscious’stream Is. 12

“I pledge allegiance to Mother Earth

And all the life which she supports.

ONE planet, in our care,

Irreplaceable, with sustenance and respect for all”

-not my words… not sure who’s…



We are ready for the change

Gather us in

An accumulation of crystal visions

Each perspective adding contours

Like cumulous cloud forms

Ready for the transformation

The alchemy of time transfiguring mind and matter

Into new physical forms and ways of being

Ready the floodgates to be open

Filled with precious intuition carefully collected

Over years of listening listening listening to the sound of a world gone awry

Let them open and spill into the drought worn land of our disillusionment

Let them open and spill forth with the creative quenching

Washing away the chemical manipulation

That dried up and hid how heirloom phantasies are withering

That mirage on the horizon is waiting for our belief in the water we need

This year is a horse at my side and ready

We both made it through the muck left by the coal ash, chemicals and bitumen spilling

Now to spring forth, for this toxic deceit is not worth drinking

The fire inside is set for cleansing

Set muscle to bone taught tendons to vault beyond their barbed fencing

The foundations running away from our feet

Are the stones they made to appear perfect but their lies are hollow and empty

We toss the stones the Builders refuse in front for our trodding

Each step faithfully grips a new reality

With each breath together we define what is to be seen

Our visions form vast expanses of vibrant hues of every brilliant color

Feeding fully from the compost of unnecessary deceit

To grow strong wills, opening with transparent clarity

Unafraid to blossom with potent vulnerability

We are ready

To be seen as interdependencies

Rotating lines of horizons and vertices

Spiraling perfect geometry

There is no musician and instrument

We are all fingers and strings

We are all elements of breath and brass and reed

We are all pores in the skin stretched taut

And we hone our will to stretch with what’s taught

By the breeze and the bird and river canal

By the root and the worm and rotting core

By the stem and flower and fruit into seed

We hum with the rhythm of the Universe’s composing

The drum of the heart is our gospel singer


Hands to grasp the hoop of all relating

Here we find all once lost

Is still rippling with longing

We are ready.