February 7, 2014 Common Thread Collective Poetic Conscious’stream Is. 12

“I pledge allegiance to Mother Earth

And all the life which she supports.

ONE planet, in our care,

Irreplaceable, with sustenance and respect for all”

-not my words… not sure who’s…



We are ready for the change

Gather us in

An accumulation of crystal visions

Each perspective adding contours

Like cumulous cloud forms

Ready for the transformation

The alchemy of time transfiguring mind and matter

Into new physical forms and ways of being

Ready the floodgates to be open

Filled with precious intuition carefully collected

Over years of listening listening listening to the sound of a world gone awry

Let them open and spill into the drought worn land of our disillusionment

Let them open and spill forth with the creative quenching

Washing away the chemical manipulation

That dried up and hid how heirloom phantasies are withering

That mirage on the horizon is waiting for our belief in the water we need

This year is a horse at my side and ready

We both made it through the muck left by the coal ash, chemicals and bitumen spilling

Now to spring forth, for this toxic deceit is not worth drinking

The fire inside is set for cleansing

Set muscle to bone taught tendons to vault beyond their barbed fencing

The foundations running away from our feet

Are the stones they made to appear perfect but their lies are hollow and empty

We toss the stones the Builders refuse in front for our trodding

Each step faithfully grips a new reality

With each breath together we define what is to be seen

Our visions form vast expanses of vibrant hues of every brilliant color

Feeding fully from the compost of unnecessary deceit

To grow strong wills, opening with transparent clarity

Unafraid to blossom with potent vulnerability

We are ready

To be seen as interdependencies

Rotating lines of horizons and vertices

Spiraling perfect geometry

There is no musician and instrument

We are all fingers and strings

We are all elements of breath and brass and reed

We are all pores in the skin stretched taut

And we hone our will to stretch with what’s taught

By the breeze and the bird and river canal

By the root and the worm and rotting core

By the stem and flower and fruit into seed

We hum with the rhythm of the Universe’s composing

The drum of the heart is our gospel singer


Hands to grasp the hoop of all relating

Here we find all once lost

Is still rippling with longing

We are ready.


October 29 2012

Hurricane Sandy… from Haiti to New York City… from completely battered poverty to Wallstreet… like clouds I read… money rules none when it comes to the breath between earth and sun… may we learn to accept and protect that which all life needs to survive… good soul:) clean air, pure water and the blessed mystery of unending diversity!


“The storm may seem scary but it helps to make us whole” -Rain

just be sure to let it sink into your bones, what’s happening, what it’s like to experience, be witness to This, for this is our life and it’s not about money it’s about how we survive. Now is the time to deeply reflect on what is most important in our lives, what will you do when your time comes to sacrifice?

Do you have to wait for this to hit you before you can awaken to the time calling out to humanity to realize the importance of Diversity- Human and ecological. And we are devastating the ecological balance, a devastation that our cultures reflect, homogenized and terrorized.

I raise my heart to anyone who would fight to the last breath for that sacred forest path…. That sacred path through the Nature that reflects your peace… for they place light beams that lend support to our ability to abide times such as these

 …and we follow hope like a delicious scent on the breeze and we let it spark phantastic dreams and we feed them our integrity and we know that we are part of the miracle of things and we trust what’s healing ‘stead’a man’s dis’ease.

and today, that’s a piece a’Me ( ;


I beseech you, the waters of this world are more precious than oil, everything that feeds us, literally and figuratively feeds our experience is more precious alive and well than sick and dying.

The wildlife and the people of the Gulf Coast waters are sick and dying, as well as elsewhere in the world, like in and around the Athabascan Tar Sands in Alberta Canada. Our waters are all connected, they exist in a prehistoric cycle that cannot be contained and controlled indefinitely without causing unimaginable catastrophe to the influence of control.

We must protect theses places and seek out better solutions to the clean up of oil. Toxic chemicals are being used to disperse petrol and it makes no sense! No Sense! What is done to the waters of the world is done to our own children, to ourselves. And there are so many people interested and adamantly seeking solutions that use BIO-REMEDIATION methods- most commonly mushrooms that fruit from the act of eating the oil away. This is not hearsay, this is working knowledge that is being refined everyday.

The business of oil is the most lucrative and powerful on the planet. Very tempting financial security. But what security can exist when toxicity threatens everyone eventually. Do you have children? They are the future of this world and whatever state we leave it in is theirs to cope with.

…This I say from the perspective of a child born into this mess, who is not afraid to see it for what it is and question it persistently… And of a woman who loves life and children and the simple divinity of joyfully living a simple life so that others may simply live.

Oyster Mushrooms devouring crude oil from saturated ground

“An experiment was done that consisted of four piles of soil that were saturated with oil. One of them was a control pile, another was treated with enzymes, another with bacteria, and the fourth with oyster mushrooms. Six weeks later, the tarps were removed. Every pile was dead and dark except for the one treated with oyster mycelium: hundreds of pounds of mushrooms had grown. Soil toxicity was originally at 10 000 – 20 000 ppm. 16 weeks later it was reduced to less than ~200 ppm, allowing for various plants, worms and other species to grow.”

Photo and excerpt from http://www.lionsdenu.com/devastating-bp-oil-spill-pics-and-the-mushroom-solution/

photos can also be found here: http://mycomoon.blogspot.com/