January 17, 2014 Common Thread Collective Poetic Commentary Is.9


Common Threads weave through every heARTform


One Soul calling out to the whole

Words echo from a dream-state:

“We should wake

And not be held by some unrefined vision of it.”



A lingering vision:

Footfalls upon brittle plants

An entire field of dark decimation

Crumbling away… the vision fades


Eyes Wide

Open to the globe

Out from the covers

Feet to the floor


Perception seeking

Realities of life on Earth

Lifting the veil

One foundation to explore


Many lenses offer insight

Rays of light shine through prisms at different angles, through different facets

Each reveal and obscure distinctive elements

Truth is amorphous and unprejudiced


Truth, amorphous and unprejudiced, sliced into wedges and put through a juicer

Blood oranges of pain and hunger paint this glass red

Fermented brutality of prejudice perpetuated by dogmatic fanaticism

                                                                   By ethnic and cultural discrimination

                                                                                    By corporate detachment

                                    Blood fruit, soured, floods the fertile earth and my cup

                       Tearful tsunamis of salty decimation pinched and dashed upon

Lemons add acid, golden and unmerciful

One from the tree in the yard

                        One from the tree plantation

                        One’s citrus burns through the ink on the codex

One’s citrus adds fuel to passion’s will to cleanse

Eat through the scum clouding the focus of a billion eyes

                         Or eat through the wisdom left for the future to learn from

Then, the kale, vital medicine, secret weapon

            Green leaves grown in the bitter cold

                        Acids, of whatever intention, unlock the essential minerals of body nourishment


One world Being

            Strong limbs

            Weak ligaments

Drink down this concoction


Let this fuel facilitate remembrance

Re member the body aggregate

Lift the veils on every dimension

From cellular membrane

To humanity’s fenced-in conditions


Conditional life

Cannot foster unconditional love

Oh! One

Make a choice!


Unconditionally envision

New sprouts beneath the broken

Uplifted by regeneration

Soothe the soreness of this body made broken

By the mouth

                        So blinded by the selfish eyes

Not to see its hunger was the foot

                        Starved apart for the hand that only fed it’s other

            And died only to become ghostly bones dancing on pages yet to be written


Let every One


Hand to mouth to feed the foot

I’s that see whether open to within or to without

But all ways open

To be uncovered by the hunger to witness, comprehend, appreciate

All the gifts every aspect brings to this presence.



I beseech you, the waters of this world are more precious than oil, everything that feeds us, literally and figuratively feeds our experience is more precious alive and well than sick and dying.

The wildlife and the people of the Gulf Coast waters are sick and dying, as well as elsewhere in the world, like in and around the Athabascan Tar Sands in Alberta Canada. Our waters are all connected, they exist in a prehistoric cycle that cannot be contained and controlled indefinitely without causing unimaginable catastrophe to the influence of control.

We must protect theses places and seek out better solutions to the clean up of oil. Toxic chemicals are being used to disperse petrol and it makes no sense! No Sense! What is done to the waters of the world is done to our own children, to ourselves. And there are so many people interested and adamantly seeking solutions that use BIO-REMEDIATION methods- most commonly mushrooms that fruit from the act of eating the oil away. This is not hearsay, this is working knowledge that is being refined everyday.

The business of oil is the most lucrative and powerful on the planet. Very tempting financial security. But what security can exist when toxicity threatens everyone eventually. Do you have children? They are the future of this world and whatever state we leave it in is theirs to cope with.

…This I say from the perspective of a child born into this mess, who is not afraid to see it for what it is and question it persistently… And of a woman who loves life and children and the simple divinity of joyfully living a simple life so that others may simply live.

Oyster Mushrooms devouring crude oil from saturated ground

“An experiment was done that consisted of four piles of soil that were saturated with oil. One of them was a control pile, another was treated with enzymes, another with bacteria, and the fourth with oyster mushrooms. Six weeks later, the tarps were removed. Every pile was dead and dark except for the one treated with oyster mycelium: hundreds of pounds of mushrooms had grown. Soil toxicity was originally at 10 000 – 20 000 ppm. 16 weeks later it was reduced to less than ~200 ppm, allowing for various plants, worms and other species to grow.”

Photo and excerpt from http://www.lionsdenu.com/devastating-bp-oil-spill-pics-and-the-mushroom-solution/

photos can also be found here: http://mycomoon.blogspot.com/