February 21, 2014 Common Thread Collective Poetic Conscious’stream Is.14

Based on the Missoula Independent Cover Story (Vol.25 No.8 Feb 20-27 2014):


The Damage Done by Kelly Conde


1970s, NE Montana, on the Fort Peck Reservation:

The cool springs of water off Road 75 still offered temptation,

Luring the townies with jars and jugs in preparation

They knock on the door… “You’re water’s so sweet,

Can we get a little please?

That cold natural flow is too much of a tease!”


Get in while the people are oblivious...

Get in while the people are oblivious…

In the 1950s the lands nearby fell under the scrutiny

Of three major oil and gas companies

Who tapped in with their drills and pumping machinery

To the depth of a 300,000 year old ocean creation.

The 1st encroach on the Bakkan formation

Has devastated today’s cool sweet water on the Indian Reservation.


It took 20 years, it happened slowly…

First it made the pipes rusty,

Staining the sinks and drains;

Then it colored all the white laundry.

Once the clean dishes remained oily,

Then it was time to drink bottled water only.

The smell of sulfur like rotten eggs wafts

From the bathtub, the bubbles aren’t enough to cover the stench.

The skin of the youth is too delicate;

When it began turning blue, then even the bath water they hauled in.


One concerned Lady, made early inquiries

She wondered at the change right as the faucets began rusting.

It took two decades for a community member to move into position to help.

She opened her ears to the strange tales being told of the water.

“My water is yellow, it smells awful and looks like pee.”

“My water is reddish and it’s staining everything!”

“My water, can you believe, it’s 0 degrees Fahrenheit and it still won’t freeze.”

“My water, it tastes salty; how can that be?

Seriously, check it out! It’s even fizzy!”


This lady took her brain muscle and personal grit to the USGS,

Where accumulated evidence was piling up higher than the depth of Butte’s Berkley Pit.

Add on 10 years for an in-depth investigation

10 plus the 20 it took for anyone to do anything

Plus the 20 it took for the contamination to begin coloring the plumbing

And that’s 50 long years of environmental, soil and water being tainted

Just at this stretch of prairie land in Montana.


40 square miles of land has been tarnished, it’s undisputed.

Somewhere between 9 and 60 billion gallons of drinking water polluted.

That’s enough water for the lifetime of every Montanan,

But no one’s counting the gallons the wildlife depend on.


Murphy Oil Corp. was the 1st to find the Bakkan oil;

In 3 years had built 35 wells.

Other companies came and together they claimed

The oil for their profits

So the future’s destruction lined their pockets.


From 1952 to ’55 there were no guidelines for the wastewater created.

Into unlined pits- directly onto the ground and unregulated,

Ancient hot water still slick with oil residues devastated.

Sadly, legislated regulations do not enforcement hone.

C.C. Thomas Oil Company was still dumping up to 42,000 gallons of waste water per day alone!

In 1961, at a public hearing, a company Rep. claimed “It’s not hurting anyone.”


Retired wells are forming more dire straits.

Just a ½ mile from Road 75 one sealed up just couldn’t wait

For the end of time to advance its impertinent fate.

The cement bonds loosened and underground pressure forced

Oil and tainted agua back up to seep into the shallow aquifer.

This well, close to the residents is monitored for its vicinity

The impact of its hot plume of oil-stained water has been, for its neighbors, devastating.

But there are numerous wells in the East Poplar fields that don’t get the same monitoring.

If only it was profitable to speculate how many of them are leaking.


14 families filed suit with a tribal attorney

A pipeline for WATER is what they were seeking.

Meanwhile an EPA toxicologist discovered Benzene

A definite carcinogen linked to over exposure

Now giving real cause to the high number of cancers found in the neighbors

The oil companies now had two strong contenders:

The People on Road 75 and the EPA wielding safe drinking water standards.

In 2002 this suit was finally settled.

The companies will build a pipeline connecting these residents to the water

In the township of Popla.r

They will also pay each family $60,000 in damages

And $5,000 to replace the pipes in their houses

They still sent bottled water as well, for 10 additional years

Or until they are certain their tap waters are clear.


5 years ago, in 2009

The Poplar Dialysis Center cried out with a sign

High levels of chloride were found, the mark of the ancient ocean’s brine.

The contamination had caught up with the town’s water too.

The EPA quickly charged the same 3 companies with responsibility.

Of course they appeal and deny any accountability.


And I’m sure you’re all wondering, how I’m going to end this long sad story.


Dry Prairie Rural Water Authority

The waters of NE Montana are diseased

The companies- Both oil and agricultural are free

From healing the waters for the lands and creatures in need.

They chipped in to pay for a rural treatment plant

That is cleaning the mud from the mighty Missouri.

They paid for the pipe that brings water to Poplar.

But they don’t have to suffer

From that pipeline breaking 20-30 times a year

For it was rushed into production without proper planning

Just like they rush into drilling, pumping and scamming,

As they put away special savings

To pay lawyers, when the time comes for evading.



Gulf Coast Devastation, or How the Criminals Take the Cake

It’s been over a month now that oil continues to spill into Gulf Coast waters.

Oil seen swirling through Gulf waters

I find myself dumbfounded by where the responsibility for cleaning up this mess has fallen.  BP, really?!?! And most of their solutions sound like someone is throwing a dart at a tack board of ideas.  And while sound bytes ring through the cable networks of the terrible extent of this disaster, news reels of oil spewing out of pipes- I can’t help but wonder why BP isn’t forbidden to be involved in what is a Global issue, not a corporate issue.

Couldn’t NASA have solved this problem with some duct tape by now, or more likely 43 days ago? We are intelligent and Creative beings and our institutions, our cultural processes do not reflect this.

This isn’t the only oil devastation happening either. Niger has oil leaking out over farms, fields, wetlands- all in all a much greater disaster than the Gulf and no news stations are acknowledging that, no one is supporting the clean up or trying to fix the pipe line problems there.  Oil is a precious commodity these days, and I am awestruck that we aren’t treating it as such. Not only is it incredibly destructive when it leaks out into our environments, but it’s cost continues to rise, and it becomes harder and more extreme to extract from the earth. Our politicians push for more drilling, but we can’t cooperate to protect what we are already drilling!!

Oil burning from a leaking pipeling in a Niger swampland.

Here is an amazing article that broaches the big picture.

Nigeria’s agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it

The Deepwater Horizon disaster caused headlines around the world, yet the people who live in the Niger delta have had to live with environmental catastrophes for decades


Exxon and Shell are mostly responsible for massive oil spills in Africa that number in thousands of instances since the 1970s.

“One report, compiled by WWF UK, the World Conservation Union and representatives from the Nigerian federal government and the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, calculated in 2006 that up to 1.5m tons of oil – 50 times the pollution unleashed in the Exxon Valdez tanker disaster in Alaska – has been spilled in the delta over the past half century. Last year Amnesty calculated that the equivalent of at least 9m barrels of oil was spilled and accused the oil companies of a human rights outrage.”

The reality of this situation is that Oil companies are the top profiteers in the corporate world right now. Their profits coincide with their ability to cover up their mistakes and disasters, their ability to bully communities and governments that are economically dependent on their business, and their ability to pay for political support that is conveniently supported by the mass media.

These are the criminals that are in control. No mafia has ever obtained power like this, not only do the oil giants get to run rampant with power and projects and the manipulation of communities and governments around the world but when they make a mess it’s like the chief of police told them to go bury the body.

Crimes against humanity are happening, every day, every moment, and while it is easy to be overwhelmed, to feel helpless, to just not know what to do- There Are Simple Things That We CAN DO!! One of the most simple and important actions is becoming informed! Be a witness to what is happening, do not take any media source as an accurate picture of what is. Share the knowledge, talk to friends, family, and strangers about what you see, read, hear, and feel! Acknowledge how you feel but don’t let it control you, talk to people without forcing opinions, Question Question Question!!!

We are responsible for the state of the world, all of us. May we learn to live up to that responsibility and realize that we can achieve the dreams we believe in- no matter how big.