POVERTY: The Deadliest Form of Violence

We are all in this together.
What happens to the least of us will be the fate we follow.
But we can open our eyes, employ compassion and empathy, realign with our highest potentials and break the binds of the capitalist mentality that is dictating our harshest and most harmful realities.
It’s time to let our hearts create priorities and follow the paths our dreams weave.
Don’t let anyone tell you that this insanity is the only way it could be.
I believe we are falling far short of the potential of our ingenuity!

Outer Limits Radio Show


Ignoring Problems Does Not Make Them Disappear

Recently one of Missoula’s local newspapers used images of summer-squatters to give a face to the new boogie man we must all demonize, as part of a new jihad on panhandling. That’s right. There are homeless people downtown begging for your money, and now it is our duty to declare war on them – right?


As more individuals than ever struggle to get by, the war on the impoverished rages to new heights.
But before we get too deep into this topic, let’s not take my word for it. Perhaps we should take a look at this article directly…
The headline reads:

Police and Businesses: Downtown Missoula Panhandling Growing Worse

Martin Kidston for the Missoulian writes:

Panhandlers still press for money, transients still congregate in front of businesses, and the homeless with addiction issues still sleep on city sidewalks.

Some downtown business…

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