May 16, 2014

Thoughts flow viscose like the spring thaw forgot them

Are the plum blossoms nearly past while ideation dwells in hibernation?

Muscles move awkward without true presence of mind

The work of these limbs, grasping for anything to find




Something to wedge

Something to lever

Something to weight


Moving muscles from memory

To hoist the cover stone from winter’s entry

With a chilly breeze from dank depths,

Footsteps follow a descent into darkness


Light creeps carefully behind

Peeking through strands of hair

Where it’s safely entwined

Observing this mysterious lair


Vocal sounds echo sonar cantatas

Trying to captivate imagination’s desiderata

Soil crustaceans flee as the sounds

Vibrate their being so close with the ground


Toes touching twigs

Fingers finding feathers, fur

Sour smells smothered


Lifting layers from the nested

With patience not to startle awake

Coordination greatly tested

As excitement builds to see unity create


Oh mind your slumber must be over

It’s time to join me in the outer world

Look the spring flowers are calling

The rains have come to quench

Intellect, famished and thirsty

The waters run to regenerate

It’s integral electricity

Come back to be with body

The heart that drums your song.


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